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Can you use a baby gate to contain him in the room while you work?

Puppies WANT to be with us. The desire has been bred into dogs since the beginning of domestication. With a puppy's natural instinct to cling to the familiar, this is just increased a lot.

Then add in a puppy's inquisitiveness and you get a clingy attached puppy. Finding ways to give him some freedom of movement with the ability to be with you and follow you will give him security and build trust between you.

One thing I recommend is that you note down everytime you put him in and take him out of the crate. After 1-5 days, add up how many actual hours he has been confined in it (don't count times the door is left open). If he is confined for more than 12 hours in a day, think about ways to lessen that. Rather than feeding him in a locked crate, consider feeding him in the kitchen. Use baby gates. And so on.

Remember that puppies need a lot of exercise and they to be able to move around freely to help their bones and muscles grow. And, if you start working with him now on how to settle down without the crate, you won't be doing so in 5 months time when he's a lot bigger with a whole lot more energy.
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