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We adopted a 1-yr-old beagle from the animal shelter a few days ago. He doesn't pee in the house nor in his crate at night, but *does* pee/poop in the crate if left in it during the day, even only for 20 minutes. How can we stop this? The crate is wire and plenty big enough (2'x3'). I took the bedding out.


P.S. Let me add some more details to help with responses. We brought him home Friday night, an unknown quantity. The crate was in the office/guest room, right next door to the master bedroom, because we have a small house and there's literally no floor space for it in our room. He whined and barked for 15-20 minutes, then our older dog barked at him to shut up and he was quiet for the rest of the night. No problem at all!

Saturday, we had him attached to one or the other of us by leash all day, as the shelter people instructed us to do. Needless to say, after this day of close bonding, he would not put up with being banished to the office! He whined, barked and clawed the cage frantically. I was hoping he'd calm down, but he didn't, and eventually, after going in there during the quiet lulls to reassure him, I finally ended up sleeping on the guest bed in there. He was fine, as long as I was in the room.

Sunday morning we had to go to Sunday School and church, which meant leaving him for 2 3/4 hours. We weren't happy about leaving him, but we were bringing the food for Sunday School so it couldn't be helped. (We weren't expecting the shelter to want us to take him home THIS WEEKEND! We were hoping for Monday.) Anyway, when we came back he had peed/pooped in the crate. I cleaned it up, no attempt at discipline after the fact. He was kept on leash all day, etc. I slept in the room with him again Sunday night. No problem at night.

Yesterday (Monday) one of us was home all day, so he didn't have to be crated. I did have to put him in for about 20 minutes while I cooked dinner, though. He whined/barked but I mostly ignored him. I thought it was fairly successful, until I put him in last night for bed and realized the little blanket was soiled. He peed in there. I took it out, wiped down the pan with Chlorox wipes, and he was fine last night again.

Today I suggested that we move the crate in the living room so he can get used to it while we are in the room with him. He was in there for about 20 minutes just now while I was typing this and checking email, and whined/barked but didn't soil. However, tonight will be a problem. I guess I'm going to have to sleep on the couch!

So, any idea on how to make this day/night crating work would be greatly appreciated. And no, we can't buy a second crate. We are both out of work at the moment and have exhausted our funds for this dog already!
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