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Crate Problems

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Chico hates being left alone in his crate. Today was the third time that he busted out of his crate. It is a collapsible metal cage that clips together at the edges. He has learned to pull and shake the walls in a way that he can unclip them and escape. Since the first two times, I've duct taped the edges together. Now he has learned to chew through any tape and pull the clasps apart and get out. The metal is also getting really bent, I think from where he bites the bars (this is a 30 lb dog 6 month pup) and I am worried that it will destroy his teeth if he keeps biting metal.

He is happy to go into the crate when people are around, and that is where he gets fed. He only goes berserk when he's left alone.

I don't completely trust him to run around the house alone, but today at least when I got home there were no problems. I don't know how long he was free for.
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