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"Cover your eyes/be shy" trick training without tape?

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Would anyone have suggestions on how to train a "cover your eyes/be shy" trick that doesn't involve tape on the nose? Some time ago, I taught my dog to balance a cookie on his nose and it seems that he has generalized that to the tape on his nose where he would just sit there and look at me patiently with the tape on his nose waiting for his treat. Adorable, but not quite what I was hoping for. I was wondering if you guys would have any thoughts on alternative approaches to train this trick? Thanks!
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Start with the dog laying down in front of you. If you and your dog have good clicker skills, I'd suggest capturing a little paw movement first of all. Work that for a short time until it becomes fairly fluent. Eventually add in the tape but put it on the top of his head or somewhere near his ear, not his nose. Be careful not to inadvertently say "wait" as you attach the tape. Then watch closely for any paw movement towards the tape. I would try lumping it this way, myself, just in the hopes that he quickly gets the connection. At the very least it should help to break the habit of patiently sitting still, and it'll send the message that "we're working on a paw thing now".

If that doesn't work I'd resort to splitting it into micro-steps / shaping it entirely. Either way, you're going to have to do some shaping in order to polish up the details in the final stages and add duration.
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I'd shape it using a paw target - just getting him to touch is paw to a thing and then moving the position of the target for each rep to more closely replicate the behaviour you want. (Or at least try, lol.)
Thanks for the great suggestions! I'll give them a shot and see what we get!
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