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So I finally have a free weekend, and I decide to break out the fancy new steam cleaner for my carpeting. I put her in the bedroom to make sure she doesn't walk all over the newly cleaned carpet.

After about an hour, I'm finally done with the living room, and I open up the bedroom door to find that she's peed on the carpeting in there. I look at my watch, and realize we're about 30 minutes late for her regular walk. Bad daddy. "No problem, though; I've got the steam cleaner!", I think to myself. I break out the shammy and the enzyme cleaner to touch up the spot, then start steam cleaning the heck out of the bedroom. Thirty minutes later, I come out to find that Dally has peed all over the newly-cleaned living room carpet.

Apparently, the steam cleaner scares her into a submissive urination. I sure wish I'd have figured that out sooner.

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I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but a steam cleaner is a very worthwhile investment for a dog-owner. It should probably be mandatory.

I know what you mean about cause and effect, though. I have learned that flocks of pigeons, seagulls, geese and, possibly pelicans are compelled to hover over a freshly-washed black Escape hybrid.

What's worse, the combined mass of the birds is directly proportional to the amount of time I've spent detailing the vehicle. I spent a ridiculous amount of time removing suicidal bugs from the outside and gallons of dog slobber from the inside and, while I spent maybe ten minutes in the house, was visited by what must have been a pair of turkey vultures with a severe gastric disorder.

Hang in there. With practice, you can refill your steam cleaner faster than your dog can refill her bladder. And she has to sleep sometime. You, and your steam cleaner, don't.
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