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Hello there this is my first post sorry if there is another post out there with the same question.

Jumping right into this we have a 5 month old Australian Shepherd male named Dexter, ever since we picked him up from a breeder or ever since I could remember he has did the following "Sloppy Puppy - While sitting both legs are to one side" and "Bunny Hoop - Certain times he will look like a bunny going around the yard" "Puppy Sway - while walking a slow pace he as a sway to him"

Well the past 2 days he's kinda been acting weird he really can't sit/lay still he will lay down then not even minute later he's up trying to find another spot to lay goes through this motion about 5/10 min then he will finally stay put. There is also more moans coming from him "Like someone just ran 10 miles and is beat"

About a month or so back we went to the vet for the regular shots I told my concerns to them and they said this is just normal puppy stuff, I also said he seems to "Bite/Chew" his leg and they said that is normal growing pains..

Can someone please shine some light on this my wife and I are very nervous this could be something much more worse and want to get it fixed before it get's out of control.

I have attached the following pictures

1. Dexter laying as he normally does "PICTURE"
2. Dexter "Sloppy" as he normally does "PICTURE
3. Dexter playing out side watch for "Bunny Hop" "MOVIE"

Other info
1. Feeding him Blue Buffalo "No issues"
2. No human food "Just a single Carrot here and there"
3. Daily walks around 1-2miles once a day
4. Walks down and up the stairs with no issues
5. Likes to jump ALL the time "Working on that issue"
6. No other dogs/babies in the house
7. Inside dog
8. "Happy U" When he is happy he curls him self in a U shape when he meets someone.



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