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I aint going to rant to long but my vet must've forgot to do an ear check because i done my own check and he has been sick like i have never seen for last week. He has the following picture in his ear they apparently said they done an ear check and its not cancerous... but if we want a biopsy make an appointment. Yet there was no mention in report about this at all!!!

The photo here may not make it look as bad but on the other side where my hand is it has a few black spots and it is actually big. I looked at him front on and it pushes his ear out while the other is nice and flat.

Anyway in ideas or experiences/stories that could help would be great! I will be calling consumer affairs later to deal with the clinic if it turns up to be the problem.

P.S Blood work, xrays and other tests came up 100% clear they cant figure it out. No blockages as well apparently. So i assume it is this or maybe a hereditary heart problem but he has always been healthy and is only 4.5 y/o

P.S.S should mention dog is a German Short Haired Pointer so big flappy ears... if anyone didn't realize from my username
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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