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Welcome to the forum Laura.

I live in North Dakota and the recall didn't affect me personally. But I did return two bags of food (TOTW and 4Helath) because I bought them the same day as the MS plant recall. (wasn't aware of the recall until I got home) But it wasn't affected, I was just playing it safe. I'm also learning about dog nutrition and the more questions asked and the more research done is the key answer.

But in all honestly, if you can find something that is just as good of quality if not better for the same price, or if you can afford a better food I would go with something that isn't made by diamond.

Several companies are dropping diamond like a hot potato, but some are sticking with them. It's not so much as "oops they had a recall, not a big deal" as it is their entire track record of recalls. I'm learning they don't have the best record. Simply put they haven't learned from their mistakes either, so a person has to wonder when the next recall will be and how bad will it get?

I don't know what the price range is for the kirkland because i don't have that option here, but Earthborn might be another otpion for you to consider. I was considering that to switch from TOTW from but realized we needed to do something about our dogs weight first. I have another thread about that story. They do have a puppy formula in their regular line, but in their grain free line is appropriate for all stages of life. The earthborn grain free is comparable to the TOTW which is why I was considering it.
Instead were going with Blue Bluffalo Wilderness Chicken and Wellness Core Reduced Fat both are grain free options. Granted your feeding a puppy so you wouldn't want a reduced fat option, but there are some really good options that don't need to break the bank. If you don't live close to a pet store to go buy the food up front I did start a thread not long ago asking for online suggestions. So there are plenty of options there and many have free shipping over a certain price amount. I live in the boonies so anything that I can't get at TSC needs to be ordered online or wait until I get to a larger town which isn't often and I can stop in at petco.

If your comfortable with using a diamond product after they clean things up another brand to consider that is inexpensive is the 4Health brand that TSC carries. It's also a 4 star food on the Dog Food Adviosor website. You can compare labels. If you haven't used that site yet i highly recommend it. You can learn a lot about the foods there. They are rated by their ingredient list and facts rather than opinion. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/

Good luck and i hope others jump in with some feedback that helps you out.
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