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It's hard to tell from the photos but are you sure she's not a Pembroke? Maybe I just can't see the tail.

Corgis can be stubborn, especially if they are used to getting their way. You might have to out stubborn her as far as walking in the snow or if she's as food motivated as my Gally just toss some treats out in the snow and let her go find them.
Corgis differ in their activity levels but an in shape, young corgi can easily go for an hour walk, spend two hours running around at the dog park, do some training, play tug and still have some energy left over. On the other end, some corgis are couch potatoes and would be happy with a couple half hour walks a day so I guess you'll just have to find out what her energy level is.

Corgis naturally want to herd little kids in my experience. It will depend if she was socialized to little kids or not for what her reaction will be. Most corgis outgrow ankle biting by 6 or 7 months of age if their owners deal with the issue. But I wouldn't let Lucy loose while your cousin is running around as it can trigger the herding instinct. If I run around sporadically and try to get him worked up Gally will try to do what looks like herding behavior (chasing me at the heel, barking) but he doesn't nip anymore. If your cousin can stay calm and not scream or run around a well socialized corgi should be gentle with little kids (with supervision of course).

You should probably ask the owners about her temperament, previous experience with little kids and exercise needs since all dogs are different.
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