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Corgi and cats

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Can anyone tell me how corgis are woth cats. We are thinking about getting a 15 week corgi but it jas not been introduced to a cat. Just needing any advice. Thanks!:D
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Any dog can be a problem with cats.

The way to introduce cats to a new dog is to have the dog leashed or in an X Pen and let the cats approach.

It is imperative to prevent the dog from chasing the cats.

Cats can ve very territorial. Some cats will attack a puppy or small dog. This type of interaction must also be prevented.

Patience and time are required for the process of cats and dogs living well together.
Corgis are generally good with cats, but it is important to introduce them slowly and carefully. Here are some tips for introducing a corgi to a cat:

1. Start by keeping the two animals in separate rooms for a few days.
This will give them a chance to get used to each other's scent without having to see each other. I suggest put cat in the bedroom and corgi in the living room. You can switch their bedding every day to help with this.
2. Once the animals seem comfortable with each other's scent, you can start introducing them slowly.
Let them meet in a neutral area, such as the backyard or a hallway. This will help them feel less threatened. Let cat and corgi outside and let them sniff each other through the fence.
3. Be sure to supervise the animals at all times during the introduction process.
If either animal seems uncomfortable, you can separate them for a while and try again later. Always supervise cat and corgi when they were together. Be sure to pet and give treats to both animals to help them associate each other with positive experiences.
4. With patience and positive reinforcement, most corgis and cats can learn to live together peacefully.
It may take a few weeks, but it's worth it. My cat and corgi are now best friends and play together all the time. Remember to provide both animals with plenty of space, their own food and water bowls, and their own toys. Avoid punishing either animal if they get into a fight and reward them for positive interactions.
Here are some additional tips for introducing a corgi to a cat:
  • Make sure both animals have plenty of space to escape if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Provide both animals with their own food and water bowls, as well as their own toys.
  • Avoid punishing either animal if they get into a fight. This will only make them more fearful of each other.
  • Reward both animals for positive interactions, such as sniffing each other or playing together.
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Corgis are herders. It will definitely try to chase your cat. If you’re not willing to go through training classes and lots of training at home, you may decide against a corgi. There were some great suggestions above. You’re definitely going to have to manage with baby gates, etc..
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