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copycat agin plus a bit extra

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ok so this is really just another copycat thread but with a bit of a difference;

firstly which breed is good for me?

must be reliable off leash

must like/ be able to get along with cats and other dogs

must be able to cope with hot and cold quite well

must be relativly laid back but not lazy, i don't want a nuts go go go dog but i want a dog who will get excited to do things with me and loves to be with me

they also need to be friendly, i prefer a dog who loves his family over a random stranger but will enjoy being petted by other random people

i like affectionate dogs aswell

i don't want to have to explain to the dog why they should do something they should do it because i want them to lol

there will be training through the day and about an hour of walking in the morning and a shorter walk the the evening. when the dog is older i would like to compete in dog sport probably but would like the dog to be happy without too much.

physical things are less important but i like larger dogs and not grooming more than every two days would be preferred.

my other question is about being ready for a dog, how do i know when im ready to get a dog (probably a puppy) my only thing i have come up with is that i am not flatting any more, either renting or owning my own place. what else are important deciding factors?
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Miniature Poodle, perhaps? Or maybe a Spaniel from show lines?

If you're renting, remember to think about the breeds that are often banned - some for size reasons, others because they're considered "dangerous." :)rolleyes:)
is there any difference between the different sizes of poodle except the size? but poodles of every size do interest me :)

the only spaniels ive known have been poorly bred it would be interesting to look into them more

luckily around here the generally just let you have a dog size etc are not importand and neither is the breed so much.

what about golden retrievers? i knew one when i was young, he was great
Not really sure how much difference in temperament there is in Poodles, TBH. I'd suspect there's some.

Retrievers as a group need a lot of exercise. And I mean a lot.
I've seen some very sedate retrievers. It really depends on the breeding lines. I've met some of the guide dog pups-in-training, and they can be very calm even at a young age. Being puppies, I'm sure they have their moments, but nothing like my dog. On the other end of the retriever scale are dogs that appear borderline psychotic for the first year++.

A well bred Poodle (of any size) is always a good choice.
i don't want to have to explain to the dog why they should do something they should do it because i want them to lol

Of course I have to recommend a collie, especially a smooth coat. Except for the quote above they really fit the bill.

A collie will want you to explain why you're asking him to do something. But once you give him a good reason, he'll do it happily.

Rotties are another breed that comes to mind.
Rotties really interest me, what are their exercise requirements like?
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