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Controversial ZG dog park video

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Why is this dog even at the dog park ??? ... good grief.

Honestly I'm not a big fan of McCann's either, generally speaking. But I have to say in this instance I'm 99.9% in agreement with what they say.

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Is that even "fair use"? Outtakes to review is fine, but building a half hour lesson using another trainers video seems at least unethical.
I wouldn't mind discussing the actual Zak George video's, though, that would be fair game. There is a wealth of dog behaviour to observe in them.
Zak's Controversial Dog Park Video
My personal take, I wouldn't have taken her in, in fact, I do some things same, some things different. We all have blind spots, especially hopes and wishes on our own dogs.

Zak's Follow-up, self-critique
There's a lot of film of this dog in safe puppy play groups, the signs of 'not being a dog park dog' where there.

Me, I hang out outside of dog parks, but it depends on the dog. The dogs in the dog park are often, but not always, having a pretty good time. Some dogs thrive in that environment, others don't. Zak's video's are instructive, especially if you can 'read dog', there is a lot on display.

ps. how do I get the video's to show up in the post? Not important, just an ask.
@3GSD4IPO There's no correlation between popularity and competance. Yes, Zak is quite popular.
It's too quiet here, I thought there'd be a bazillion opinions. Me, I'm to each his own. So many people claiming the exclusive right answer, often at polar opposites.
Which makes me useless at carrying on this conversation.
Harnesses are handy for lifting dogs up and over obstacles. I use them on camping trips. For training, not my style.
This forum is not terribly active with the advent of social media. A lot of forums are pretty dead except the Antique Tractor forums.. those can be very good if you need advice or procedure to do a repair or to obtain parts.
Yep. I find FB an incredibly frustrating platform for discussion, it discourages longform text and encourages content free hostile exchanges...I'm a dog nerd, and I love words.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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