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The bottom line
After a week of metronidazole and five days of panacure, my eight month old Australian shepherd puppy still has loose, pasty stool. How do I evaluate how far to go with medical intervention on this?

The Saga
A little over a week ago, our pup was straining to poop. She would get some well-formed, but soft stools out. But, about a half hour later (if outside), she would strain to get out small liquidy pieces, even droplets. We took her and some stool to the vet. What I had thought was blood turned out to be red fabric. So, the vet told me to put her on a bland diet (I'm giving her I/D since she won't eat rice) and prescribed metronidazole to firm things up. Later that day, she passed a chunk of tangled fabric fibers which could easily have acted as a plug.

A fecal test revealed that she had giardia, too (which she had been cleared of the week before). So, two days later, panacur was added to the mix. I have begun adding her regular food to the mix (TOTW/salmon). So now it's 50/50 regular/bland.

Now that we are mostly through the treatment, we have seen an improvement in her stool. But, not nearly what we would have expected. I'm talking to the vet. But, we are both hard to reach. So, I want to make our conversation as productive as possible.

Could the pasty stool now be a reaction to being plugged up for a few days? Could it be she still has giardia (although this is worse than I have ever seen)? To what degree to people act on this?

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