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Continuation of 'ISO Advice... following losses': THEY'RE HERE

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We picked up Baelor and Shae at 930 this morning to get ahead of the snow this evening... did a 5 hour round trip all before work at noon, but it was a short shift and J stayed here with them.

They are exemplary. They did so well in the car and have been extraordinarily well behaved here even as they try to settle in. Shae is a bit of a mess emotionally but Baelor is really just going with the flow, exploring, being friendly, happy to be here. Shae is very, very, skittish, watching our every move, but what Baelor does, so too will Shae, so she hasn't been too difficult in that sense. She DOES seem to be relaxing at times, she is just very on edge which is exactly what we expected and we're all just having some quiet time for them to decompress (after play time before car ride and after, and some more play time 30 mins ago).

So... basically everything is great so far, hopefully Shae will start to settle some for her sake (and the neighbors, there's been lots of barking...) but they really are doing very well for T+3.5 hours.

Thanks everyone for the advice and support.
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Congrats on finalizing that adoption! Baelor and Shae are lucky to have you. When you get a chance, post a couple pics of your new family members.
I sure will, thank you!!

It was honestly a hard night, especially with her. He continues to be fine and unbothered by everything, she continues to be terrified of everything. It hasn't even been 24 hours, so it's not as if I expect it to be different! And it's already getting a little better, I just feel so badly for her that their first night here it was snowing so the plows were out which she hated and the guy next door used his big truck with the flashing lights to de-ice his little parking lot at 430AM, etc. I was probably up 15x and they aren't puppies! But of course it takes adjustment, and nothing we weren't pretty much expecting. I also feel badly there's basically nothing we can do to comfort her right now except make sure she's near Baelor. I'm just exhausted.

It WAS a lot of fun to see them really play together in the snow this morning, that made it more worth it :)
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He was on my bed so she got on my bed so I got on my bed and she stayed for a tiny bit! And then he hopped off and she stayed for another minute because she wasn't sure if she wanted the only escape route that ran in between my partner and me, but that was something. We're trying to give her lots of space and not have her trapped in that kind of situation, but at that juncture it seemed better not to move. Casual aloofness with her seems to be the right move right now. We're barely paying her any mind and just showing her through him that they get love and attention and food and care here, and praising often when she approaches and is calm. She wouldn't even take treats from her foster mom after two months there, only in her crate, so it's hard to reinforce directly that way yet but we are also leaving plenty in her crate for her to take, which she is. We'll get there.
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Beautiful dogs! I'm sure she will come around with time, and when she does, every little improvement will feel like a cause for celebration lol. I got a senior cat from a shelter - she was taken from an abusive owner and man did she have problems. Huge trust issues and even when she would willingly approach me she would often scratch me if I acknowledged her (she never did fully come around but ya know... cats). It was quite a few months before she let me touch her paws without hissing or lashing out at me, nail trimming was fun. I had to tell my family and friends that I pet her paws... she sat on the couch next to me and I PET HER PAWS.. and she just sat there and LET ME! haha it really is such a rewarding feeling to start gaining their trust, even if it is the tiniest step. Once she got to the point where she would willingly sleep on my lap and often on her back too, it was a moment of "wow we've really come far from that first day, huh?"
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