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Containing pup?

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We finally got our Lucy
and she has been great about going potty outside. We had one slip up, we were in the room with her and caught her and rushed her outside, where she finished. We take her out after every nap, meal, play time and at least every 2 hours or so.

My question: we do not have a puppy pen and our house has an open floor plan that makes blocking off one "room" difficult. We've read that another option is to leash her to us. How exactly does this work? She is not fond of the leash and we don't want to build any negative associations with it. Do we leash her to us, only if we have time to stay in one area during school time at the table (we homeschool our skin kids), during movie veg time, while just relaxing? Or when we are puttering around the house( I feel like I would be dragging her all over).

SO, looking for tips on keeping her confined, when confining not possible. Thanks!!
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Yes, we do use a crate and she's great with it. The only time she whined was to get out to potty!

We will keep at the leash, but she's not fond of it yet. She either tries to run from it or chew it. We'll keep working on it though.

She does have some free roam time, but I'm a little nervous to give her too much time until she's older and we have house training firmly entrenched.

And she gets lots of cuddle time!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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