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Constant Stomach Issues.

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Coming for some insight

My dog Heidi has had stomach issues/nausea for about a year and a half. This consists of general lip licking occasionally during the day, but heavily at night, with teeth grinding as well.
If she has a major fit, it will be deep gulping, lip licking, floor licking, and destroying anything fabric or woven, that she can eat. And usually vomit up or pass. Bad fits can last a day or two and then back to

Initially we thought it was food allergies, and went with prescribed food, natural food, limited ingredients, freeze dried foods and nothing solved the issue.

We moved onto anxiety driven issues and used a plethora of different medications with no resolve. Has any experienced this?
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It sounds like your dog has epilepsy. You probably need to see a neurological specialist.
So the only other curve ball to this all is that we did a crap ton of tests. Standard blood work, elevated blood work, GI blood work, ultra sound tests, urine tests, stool test, multiple examinations, ct scan and NADA. Everything came back all within normal limits and clear of any indicators.

But I’ll throw it to the vet and see what she says
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I, too, would be looking into specialist treatment at this point. General practice vets are wonderful, but they don't have the kind of specialized training, experience, and equipment a specialist has access to. You can absolutely consult your current vet about what would be the best option for this case - I could see the possibility of this being neurological and definitely agree with 3GSD about exploring whether this is seizure activity, or an internal medicine specialist may also be an appropriate option. If you have access to a veterinary college within a reasonable drive, they're also a very good option for difficult medical issues because they tend to do a lot of cutting-edge research, though they aren't always the most affordable option.
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