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Cat-dog, GSD spayed female and Tornado-dog, JRT mix, neutered male
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Neutering will likely ease his behavior around the intact females coming out of heat. Neutering will not increase or decrease his other behavioral problems.

The studies often quoted as showing neutering causes an increase in behavioral issues have been misrepresented. There is another thread that is specifically about those studies and what they actually showed, so I won't get into them now.

Remember that it only takes a moment for him to inpregnate a female. And many owners do not know how long to keep their intact females away to prevent pregnancies. So if he is actively attempting to mount the intact females he hangs out with, I would be concerned that the risk of a pregnancy is higher than acceptable. That leaves you with three choices:

Keep your intact male away from those intact females completely
Do nothing and retain that risk of pregnancies
Neuter your dog

You can't control the female dogs or their owners, so while you can study up on the female dog reproductive system to understand exactly how long they are "viable", you can't guarantee that the other owners will do the right thing and keep their dogs away. And there are several of them and one of you - it is easier to ensure your dog's non-participation in reproduction.
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