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British Author Wins Prestigious American Writing Award

In Search of the Truth About Dogs, a DVD written by Catherine O'Driscoll,
has received the prestigious Award of Best DVD of 2008 by the Dog Writers'
Association of America. Catherine will receive a Maxwell - the Oscar of the
dog world.

In the film, Catherine O'Driscoll interviews a number of leading vets,
including Richard Allport, Michael Fox and Christopher Day, the scientist
Gary Smith, and professional dog trainer Keith ****inson. The heart of the
film is provided by enthusiastic dog lovers from the UK, America and Canada,
who express their joy at the health of their friends since changing their
dogs to raw, biologically appropriate food, and saying 'no' to unnecessary
and potentially harmful vaccines.

In Search of the Truth About Dogs was funded by Canine Health Concern (CHC)
members, a group of dog lovers who, since1994, have been campaigning to
prevent unnecessary suffering in Man's Best Friend. The group's remit is to
promote real food for dogs (not processed junk food) and to see the end of
unnecessary annual vaccination. None of the members have received any return
for their generous donations, and the funds are being re-invested in further
outreach programmes.

Award-winning author Catherine O'Driscoll says, "Over the years, we've
produced newsletters, written articles and books, developed a website,
circulated leaflets, held seminars and workshops - anything we could think
of to get information to dog lovers that might save their dogs' lives. But
people are busy, and it's hard to influence them when corporate marketing
machines are telling a different story. We felt that a DVD might make a
difference - people can sit down in front of the TV and relax, and hear the
truth for themselves."

Despite its controversial subject matter, In Search of the Truth About Dogs
beat off stiff competition from the best in the international dog world.
"We're delighted," adds Catherine O'Driscoll. "We hope the Award will mean
that even more dog lovers will get to see the DVD, and even more dogs' lives
will be saved as a result."

Although Catherine, as the writer, is the recipient of this prestigious
Award, its success is very much a team effort. A strong production team
included producer Brian James, editor Nick Bunting, cameraman Andrew
Dishman, and executive producer Rob Ellis, (Catherine's husband and fellow
CHC director), who also composed and performed the soundtrack, and - not
least - the CHC members whose love for dogs prompted them to fund the film.

Dr Kim Bloomer, Aspenbloom Pet Care, comments: "I knew this DVD would be
good, but it's better than good. I'd recommend this video to anyone desiring
a more natural, healthy way of caring for their dogs. Catherine has an
elegant style and a non-confrontational way of presenting the facts about
canine vaccines and proper nutrition for our carnivorous canines. If every
breeder was able to hand this DVD out with each new puppy we'd begin to see
a lot healthier dogs all over the world."
10 February 2009

Press contact: Catherine O'Driscoll, telephone 01821 670410, email
[email protected] .co.uk.

Websites: www.canine-health- concern.org. uk,
www.canine-health- concern.org. uk/VideoLibrary. html
and http://www.dwaa. org/ (Dog Writers' Association of America)
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