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Conformation Questions

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I have a spayed female Border Collie that I would like to do agility with. I was wondering if anyone could tell based on her conformation if she might have any problems competing. I have no intention on showing her as I do not have any information on her breeder and she is not registered anywhere. Thank you!

In the first pic she is 8months old and in the second she is 11months
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What do you mean? Conformation doesn't matter in agility. Mutts compete in agility! The weirdest looking mutts I've ever seen compete in agility! Shi Tzus and Chihuahuas compete in agility! As long as she can run and jump without pain, she can do it.

It should be noted, however, that you shouldn't have her doing any high impact things until she is a year old. She's 11 months now, so it's not like you would have to wait long, but dogs under one year old should not jump full height or do contacts due to their developing joints. Jump bars should be on the ground, contacts should be lowered if you want to start working on them. A good puppy foundation class is a great place to start working on ground work and slowly introduce to obstacles.
I just wanted to know if based on how she carried herself and how she looked if you could tell if she might have problems with her knees or back or anything like that, not necessarily how she conforms to her breed standards. And we haven't gone too hard into the agility yet, we are just working on basic obedience and just showing her what a tunnel and seesaw and jumps are :)
Only a vet can answer that question. You can't tell by looking. Unless she's showing obvious signs of pain, I wouldn't worry about it. Some pretty weird looking dogs compete in agility!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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