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Confinement to a bathroom

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I'm planning to puppy proof my bathroom and I am going to place Finnlee in there while I'm at work. I'll be coming home periodically to take him out. I was going to place his crate, food and water and puppy pads and a few toys. Is there anything I'm missing?

AJ and Finnlee
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I've used the bath room as a kennel area before. You can help out making it a nice place to be by starting the pup off in there for other things before you do the leave for work thing. Like feed them, time out, nap time , while your home even use a baby gate instead of shutting the door at the start. You'll be home to teach them not to mess with the baby gate. The only thing I concern with pups or dogs ,, that if they are chewers not to leave anything with them that may be a choking hazard . And due to a story about a rotti sucking on a rubber toy with a small hole it getting his tongue stuck in it for the sucktion and it killing him.. Toy consideration for safety is always on my mind. I've video my guys when I was gone all they ever done was lay down and wait or look out the window : Never once play'd with anything...
Patricia I do have a baby gate. I wish I had thought of this earlier. But I'll place him in there tomorrow for short periods after puppy proofing the room. Choking or eating pieces of his toys was my concern. What about a round ball that dispenses small pieces of his kibble? Do you think that would be good stimulation? I was going to take his bedding out of the crate so he doesn't pee on it just the pads.

Thank you for reading my post and giving your advice. He's my first puppy in twenty years so I'm a bit nervous.

AJ & Finnlee
I've never had a food dispensing toy before to know them. Hopefully someone will say something from their own experiences. If you will be able to come home to check on them I would just leave it with nothing to start. Get up early to have a nice exercise walk for them, put their food down that will hold their attention and go to work... they should be relaxed from the exercise, then full tummy for their food to go to sleep while your gone... Practice with the toys when you are home and they in for a nap, or when you need to focus on something else and need them out of your way for a short time.

Your welcome, it's not always perfect advice... just enough to get the ball rolling for you. And after so many years without a puppy they do feel Alien lol.. when you get a new pup.. Good news is you and your pups survived before and you will be fine this time too... We just be flexible and adapt where needed..
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