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Condo Living

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We live in a condo (neighbors on one side and above us) with a 15 week old lab puppy. Our upstairs neighbor asked us not to potty in the front or the back and to go further away because she has her windows open. Our dog usually pees right off the patio in the back or right off the sidewalk in the front since she still can’t hold it long. I feel like it should not bother her, but she stares at us! Any suggestions?
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Be nice.. Turn up with a bunch of flowers and explain you know its not perfect but baby puppy is still learning to potty outside and once he/she is older of course he/she will be taught not to potty under her window..

Offer to pour some water over the pee if she is really that sensitive to the smell..

Yes she proberbly is a miserable old witch but ,, Shes your neighbour and your dog will be around for maybe 15 years giving her loads of time to make trouble if she feels like it..

A complaining neighbour can be really bad trouble to a dog..So play nice and disarm her now while theres time.
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