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Concerned about a family member's dog diet?

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This puppy would not eat when they first got her, so they did coax her and got her to eat cooked chicken breast. They have been trying to mix this with quality kibble but dog will eat the chicken breast leaving behind the kibble. She is now 2 years old and all she eats is the chicken breast and I'm concerned if this is enough long term? Yet she looks healthy and is of an average weight for her breed?
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Could have them look into using Balance It's products to balance the diet. Perhaps the dog would eat a high quality home cooked diet.

Other than calories and protein and maybe fat the diet is horrible but dogs can survive on all sorts of bad diets as can people.

All sorts of ways to move the dog to a better diet. Make kibble puree and add a tiny bit today working to more kibble over weeks and weeks comes to mind off the top of my head. If the hard crunch might be the problem then use a complete canned food instead but do the same, a tiny bit today. Ginger took a week or so to eat her first toothpick sized bit of kidney - that tiny.
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