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Compulsive licking?

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I have a doubt, she keeps being a happy doggo, but still, want to make sure

She has always been extremely affectionate, but ever since the pandemic started, which is when I was given a permanent work-from-home position, she always wants to bathe me with her tongue, she gets on the back of the couch, lays there and starts licking, if I am shirtless, she licks all my back, and nape, sometimes my hair as well(I know some people, my stepfather included, are yucked, but I don't mind, I take a shower twice a day most days anyways), I know that is a way to show love, bathe one another or themselves, but I also know that it can mean other things, and I was wondering because some times I notice that she licks faster thanh other times, whether she is licking herself, or me, I see sometimes what we would call desperate.

The reason I doubt a lot, is because when I call her or pet her she is super happy, wags her tail, jumps on me, or licks my hand, and then she goes back to licking as fast as she can, and some times, 5-10 minutes later, she is sound asleep belly-up

Whaddaya think? Is that ok or should I go to a vet/dog psychologist?
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It sounds like you need to set boundaries.

Licking is often a way for a dog to unload anxiety. Faster licking = greater unloading.

This is a dog. You are a human. Too much bonding.. too close in that relationship without boundaries is not healthy. It can be stressful to the dog.

Dog needs time to be a dog. Boundaries are healthy.

Just set limits and boundaries and treat your dog like a dog. No psychologist needed.
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