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I think that the farmer had a right to protect his livestock, IF the dogs were in fact threatening them. But the fact that the scumbag left a gut-shot dog to lie out in the field suffering makes me think he's making up the entire story. That's just being deliberately cruel. The other day one of my co-workers was talking about what one should do if someone with a pit bull moves in near them. . .and this sounds awfully similar.

And the owners sound like the typical twits who move to an acreage and think they now have a Fundamental American Right to let their dogs run all over the place. And maybe it was in the video (but I couldn't see it on my phone) but the story makes it sound like none of the dogs went to the vet, and the dog in the picture looks home-doctored (looks like an ACE bandage, not vet wrap).

My sympathies lie with the dogs. The humans. . .not so much.
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