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Collar or harness

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I am looking at picking up a new colar and or harness for my bigger huskies and I was curious would a harness be a better choice for them.

I dont have pulling issues with them since they listen to voice commands very well. So using a collar for training purposes isnt needed here.

I was thinking about getting them harneses simply because it seems to be a little more comfortable for them and the leash doesnt seem like it would get caught under them as much.

Which would be btter for walking two well behaved huskies.
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Whatever makes you more comfortable. Since they don't pull, a collar maybe even be more comfortable for them, but if you get a well-fitted harness it shouldn't matter.

I tend to use collars for walking simply because a plain buckle collar is req'd for a lot of our doggie activities, so I have a lot of them around.
We picked wolfie up a harness and he loves it, although he thinks he can pull with it so we are going to have a few re-training sessions with him on it, but it shouldnt be an issue. he seems more comfortable wearing the harness, the collar always seems to bug him.
if your dog doesn't pull (hooray for that!) then I think a collar would be sufficient. It's easier to put on anyway....haha. Harnesses can be uncomfortable on dogs, they can rub and cause wounds. I have seen this on a friend's dog and it looked painful. On the other hand I Have never seen any chafing problems with a regular nylon or leather collar. Good luck with your choice!
they dont wear the collar or harness while at home or in the back yard. They are micro chipped if they ever get out which I hae yet to have them try.

I mainly use it for walks and when going for rides in the car. we just purchased one for now, to see how each of the dogs handle them :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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