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Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowls

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Does anyone have a recommendation on collapsible silicon travel water/food bowls. Or a reason why their good/bad?

For a while Kayla was refusing to eat. I'd put her bowl down and she'd have no interest, I'd pull it up after 15 minutes of her not eating, and not feed her (breakfast) again for an hour or two at the recommendation of one of the Dr. D at her Office/Hospital.

After a while she started vomiting bile. We took her back to the vet and he recommend a special 'wet' food (it looked and smelled like spam) and after two weeks she wasn't doing any better.

From what I've read online it happens when you have an empty tummy and too much stomach acid. I started feeding her a couple cookies before my bedtime.

At her next appointment Dr. M and I (there are 4 vets at this office) agreed that leaving her dry food out all day and allowing her to eat as she feels the need, was an acceptable idea, so long as I pay attention to her consumption and not allow her to over/under eat.

Fast forward to now:
So now that her food is out 24/7 she's eating again when she's ready to. Now I visit family once a week, and we're gone for 6 - 8 hours. I've got bowls for food/water but they are the regular bowls people would eat out of, so it's not convenient to put back into her go-box. I thought if I had collapsible bowls they'd be more box friendly, but I've seen mixed reviews on Amazon for a couple I've looked at suggesting they mold and was hoping that our other pet parents would have suggestions.

I do have a Dexas Popware for Pets Travel Cup/Bowl with Bottle Holder for her when we're just in the car or out walking, but its like four gulps of water and its empty again. Its not very well suited, in my opinion, for a several hour stay at my family's home.

I did just find the Bliss Paws Collapsible Pet Bowl online, but I'm not sure my husband would forgive me for spending $19/per bowl, so $38 for two :doh:
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We have this one that we got in our barkbox one month; https://barkshop.com/items/barkbox-flexi-dog-bowl

From what I understand, it's made out of the same material as those silicon cupcake tins, so you can freeze it, bake in it and etc. We only use it for water, but I like it because it's flexible so you can just shove it in your bag, and also you can roll it up to pour any excess water back into your bottle when your dog is done drinking.

I have also used it to prepare a frozen treat in for an overnight and it worked well.
If you're going to the same place each week, why not just get a couple basic stainless steel bowls for $3-5 each and leave them there? You could also leave a tupperware container of food or a gallon ziplock bag (which can be put in the freezer for longer term storage).

One really simple travel option is one of those plastic deli containers (like the ones that lunch meat comes in) with the lids and you can fill it with food before you leave and reseal for the trip home if there is kibble left.
StealthyOne: I have the same travel water cup, its pretty small but works for a quick fix and I like it. Luckily I had it in the go-box because when we were at the Vet today and Kayla needed a drink.

ireth0: Thanks for the suggestion, I just ordered two. How adorable is that bowl, its paw shaped!! If only it was pink, oh well can't win everything.

Shell: I wish I had a less silly answer... but my mom would go nuts. I want something that would go from house to house, parents then siblings, and anywhere else we may take Kayla.
We're a family of dogs and kids that loves to travel and we went through 3 types of bag & bowls before finding a product that we like, linked below. This is not the cheapest out there but its well made and comes with a bag to carry food in.

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