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Cold laser therapy for arthritis - anyone tried it?

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Has anyone ever used cold laser therapy to treat arthritis in their dog?

I adopted my beagle, Noah, earlier this year and he is an older guy that suffers from arthritis due to a previous injury. He appears to have been hit by a car at some point. His pelvis healed out of alignment, and his hip isn't quite right either. At his age, we just want to manage the pain. We have been trying the supplement Dasuquin, but it doesn't appear to have made a difference for him.

My vet has recommended cold laser therapy in conjunction with NSAIDS to help ease his pain. He told me that the laser therapy isn't a miracle cure, but it does seem to help. Does anyone have any experience with this treatment, and if so, how did it work for your dog?
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I know this is an older thread but I was hoping for some information. Did you do the treatments,could you give any input if you felt they helped? I'm trying to avoid doing Rimadyl or Previcox daily and my vet suggested the cold laser and I was going to ask about the laser+ dasuquin along turmeric-golden paste.
Thanks so much for responding I started my own thread and I'm just searching and reading and trying to get information. My dog doesn't have nerve issues but instead has Spondy.
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