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Cocker Agility Trial Brags

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Haven't been here too long, but some of the people here know my kids from other boards...

We had an AAC trial today (Agility Association of Canada)(we go again Sunday). Smudge rocked it, again..

He got 1st place and a Q in starters gamblers (and more points than even the big dogs got in the class at 66 pts), and he got his first starter jumpers Q and a 2nd. A sheltie was a second faster than him. Still he was 17 seconds under course time. That puts him one jumpers Q away from a games title.. Most likely he'll get that before we find a rally trial.

Cider didn't get anything fantastic, but was better than she's been this year. We've only trialled one day of 2 separate trials, but we haven't been the team we have been in past.

1st place in Master Gamblers, and we actually GOT the gamble, sadly Cider had to visit the judge mid gamble.. and we were over time. In advanced standard, We nailed our weaves for the first time in a long time in a trial, but she stopped to sniff a fence post for seemingly ever, so I assumed we would be over time. Ran the rest of the course, moved my shoulder and sent her over the wrong jump.. To find that we were still 7 seconds under course time.. If I had only been paying more attention.. And Master jumpers was pretty except I timed my turn badly off the bat and she ran past me to find the tunnel entrance she was better lined up for, so we were eliminated. Was a smoking fast pretty run otherwise though.

Either or it was all minor handler error for the most part and that makes me proud. They were nice runs all in all.

Smudge wasn't sitting happily for pics, so this is the best I've got, lol

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Awesome! Your cockers are gorgeous and always look so happy!

I really want to get Chance into agility, but he has to get past his reaction issues first!
You do have beautiful cockers. Not as beautiful as mine mind you, but I confess to the possibility of being a tad bit biased.
Great job!! You should join in on the "agiility class" thread. How long have you and your dogs been into agility?

I have to add, I love the name "Smudge"!

What area of Ontario are you in?
Yippee........ Great, fantastic, congratulations!!!
Thanks guys :)

I started taking classes with Cider in 2006, Switched to private lesson in 2007.. Have taken privates and semi privates with varying people ever since.

We're in Whitby (east of Toronto), but I'm willing to travel least a couple of hours for some trials, but these days there's more than ever close to home.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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