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Hi All,

we really need some help please.
We have a cockapoo puppy who is now 5 months old (we welcomed him Ito our home at 8 weeks)
He is house trained during the day and goes to the door and asks to go out but our problem is at night.
He is crate trained but defecates in his crate at least once/twice every night.
He goes to bed at 10pm (after being given a long toilet opportunity in the garden) and barks anytime between 1am-4am to tell us that his crate needs cleaning.
We've exhausted so many options to try and help with this behaviour but so far nothing has helped.
-we thought that his crate maybe too big so we have tried using a divider- this made no difference
  • we have tried giving him his last meal earlier- and tried giving it later
  • I have set my alarm in the night to take him out to the toilet- he doesn't go no matter how long I wait or what time I take him out.

we're beginning to think that this situation will never improve. can anyone help please?

thank you

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Are you taking him out on leash every time to go potty? Puppies often forget they have to go when they find something interesting outside. If you stand around with the dog on leash in the middle of the yard where nothing exciting is happening, he may remember he has to go. Make sure to praise and reward for a successful trip.

Clean his crate with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle so the smell of the accident is no longer detectable to him.
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