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Clumsy Puppy

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Hi everyone! I hope this post meets everyone well. I'm a new member to this site and I would love some input on my situation of the 'clumsy puppy' named Jasper.

I have two mixed breed (rottweiler & doberman I believe) puppies. I have a male and a female of the same litter so they're siblings.

My concerns are for the male who is a lot chubbier, and a little more awkward. He stumbles a lot, and though it's adorable I don't know if it's a concern.

This morning, he was asleep then woke up suddenly. As they're puppies we've laid them on a blanket to sleep in our verenda. He then proceeded to fit his head between the balusters ( a behavior we classed as normal as they frequently peak out at us if family members are leaving the house or if they hear a vehicle passing on the road).

According to my dad ( who at the time was watching over them ), Jasper shoved his body through, his tail being down for the entire duration. The fall was approximately five ft but I guess he went into shock because after his fall, he ran down our gap. When we retrieved him from the bottom of our hill, he was crying and yelping in what I assume to be pain.

Does anyone know what this could mean? I am in the process of setting up a vaccination and check-up at the vets for him and his sister soon as I only got them a little over a week ago. As for now, he seems fine and I am monitoring him. He stopped crying, and right after his "accident", zealously ate his breakfast. Could it be just a case of puppy frenzy? My bet is that he was half asleep and not quite aware and managed to stumble through the balluster. Either way, it was scary.

Any thoughts?
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Not sure,

with two puppies make sure to beware of litter-mate syndrome.
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