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Cloudy and Swollen Eyes

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Hello there. I'm having a problem with my Jack Russell's eyes. She's been to the vet twice already for having cloudiness and swelling in both eyes. It first started in just one eye and we thought it was due to a small trauma or alergies to that eye. After a couple of weeks it started spreading to the other eye. The first visit, the vet prescribed Flurbiprofen sodium and a Fougera ointment. The combination of these two medicines seemed to temporarily help but then the eyes started acting up again after a about a week. So back to the vet we went again and they prescribed Vetropolycin and a Muro ointment (sodium chloride, hypertonicity, and another ointment. Same story here as it worked really well for a few days but now it's coming back even worse. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I'm really worried about our doggie and she seems to be in pain.


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Sounds like you need to get an appointment with a specialist NOW!
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