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CLOSE call

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Tonight I was sitting outside with Pete when all of a sudden I notice him looking very intently at the other side of the backyard. His ears were pricked and he was scary focused. I looked over and less than 15 feet away lumbering slowly towards us was a giant SKUNK!! Aaaaahhhh!!! I looked at Pete and in my sweetest voice said "Pete-y c'mere, come one, come ON!!".... Thank god hes an attention whore and he trotted over inside for some belly rubs. Phew. We both could have been foul for WEEKS if it wasnt for Petes 'love above all else even life itself' philosophy.
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Thank goodness!! This could very easily be a "Sprayed!" post!

LOL - had ona them close calls myself when Bella was a pup. I did the same thing. Saw her staring at something - saw the skunk - said as calmly as I could "Beeelllla....come get your goodie Beeeelllaaaa...." I was soooooooo glad she didn't choose to ignore me that time like she did (does) most other times!

Still doesn't hurt to keep some skunk smell killing ingredients on hand...just in case! =)
I love skunks....they are soooooo cute! Wouldn't wanna get sprayed by one of course. I used to watch them in the yard at night, digging for grubs....doing their thing. One came right up to my feet when I was sitting on the stoop (they can't see too well, so I didn't move) - he sniffed about and kept going. I almost had the urge to pet it like a kitty.....but I didn't. LOL
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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