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CLOSE call

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Tonight I was sitting outside with Pete when all of a sudden I notice him looking very intently at the other side of the backyard. His ears were pricked and he was scary focused. I looked over and less than 15 feet away lumbering slowly towards us was a giant SKUNK!! Aaaaahhhh!!! I looked at Pete and in my sweetest voice said "Pete-y c'mere, come one, come ON!!".... Thank god hes an attention whore and he trotted over inside for some belly rubs. Phew. We both could have been foul for WEEKS if it wasnt for Petes 'love above all else even life itself' philosophy.
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Ugh, good thing you got away with your dog! But skunks spray as a last resort, just to tell you. They'll give you signs before spraying, only if you ignore those signs will they resort to spraying. Just a fun fact.
Sorry about that Alw--just realized I didn't say what these "signs" were. I don't remember the order they go in, but they will stomp on their two front feet first, go back and forth stomping their front feet in repetition. Then they'll sway from side to side, then they attempt to do a handstand, after that if you still don't listen, run!!! Ut oh on your dogs, I think they'll be needing some tomato juice bath!

I know this is a far cry from a skunk, but I'm really afraid of bees. I saw one and was "Luke, come on. Luke, please come on! LUKE, MOVE!!" and he was, "Why am I moving fast again?" Lol.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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