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CLOSE call

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Tonight I was sitting outside with Pete when all of a sudden I notice him looking very intently at the other side of the backyard. His ears were pricked and he was scary focused. I looked over and less than 15 feet away lumbering slowly towards us was a giant SKUNK!! Aaaaahhhh!!! I looked at Pete and in my sweetest voice said "Pete-y c'mere, come one, come ON!!".... Thank god hes an attention whore and he trotted over inside for some belly rubs. Phew. We both could have been foul for WEEKS if it wasnt for Petes 'love above all else even life itself' philosophy.
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I'm not sure I'd brag about shooting innocent animals for fun. It makes many people, including me, think a lot less of you.

I like skunks. They're quiet and they eat gross bugs. I've almost run into a bunch of them over the years (just this spring my dogs and I rounded a corner and one was RIGHT THERE), but I've never been sprayed. They only do that as a last resort!

I'd have a pet one if they were legal here... the domesticated ones are clean, quiet, friendly little guys.

Awe, we had a skunk as a kid, they're GREAT pets!

Bragging about using any animal as 'target practice' is a good way to lose respect here. I have NO problem with shooting an animal that's eating your chickens or a threat or even hunting FOR FOOD (don't like trophy hunting) but shooting an animal that's doing nothing for pleasure, well...
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