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I had a close call tonight with Jack so I wanted to remind everyone on here (especially newbie raw feeders like myself) to ALWAYS supervise your dog when he eats.

We have been feeding commercial raw in the morning and half raw for dinner until we run out of the commercial stuff, then we are going to do 100% fresh raw. We half only been at this a few days so he has had max like 5-6 raw meaty bones. He is still getting used to chewing and swallowing bone, etc. Anyways I was just sitting there watching the cats, Lila, and Jack eat their chicken necks when all of a sudden he started crying. I was immediately concerned he was choking so I tried to open his mouth to pull whatever I needed to pull out, out. His teeth were clenched together so tightly, and every time I tried to put my fingers near his mouth he cried like he didn't want me to touch it. I seriously thought he was choking or something so I got in my car ( with the oven still pre-heating for dinner, derp) and rushed him to the vets office (in the hallway right before we got in the car he also started heaving like he was trying to throw up or dislodge the piece, but nothing was coming out). They took him back for about 5 minutes and when he came out he was totally fine. They checked his mouth, felt his neck, checked his gums, etc but they thought that he just had a particularly sharp or big piece of bone stuck in his throat. They said they could run X-rays if I wanted to, but they didn't feel it was necessary. He was all back to normal so I just took him home. My vet lives right up the street from me so the whole ordeal literally took less than 20 minutes. Luckily my vet didn't charge me since I was only there for like 5 minutes.

I just wanted to share my recent experience, especially for people just starting to feed raw.

Two tips:
-ALWAYS supervise
-DON'T take chances when it comes to getting medical attention.
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