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Clippers under $80

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Are there any good clippers out there for under $80.
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There are some decent "trimmers" out there for under $80, or around that price..Trimmers being clippers that will trim sanitary areas, foot pads, and corners of eyes, but won't go thru coats or do full body trimming/clipping. I can't recommend anything for that price that is going to do even half a decent job on total body clipping on any breed.
you may find a good pair on ebay
You can get a good Andis Single Speed(with a #10 blade) for about 94.00 from Ryan's.Remember shipping is not included. Under 80.00 doesn't seem possible for a reliable unit unless it's used or reconditioned(speaking as a professional groomer who has tried everything!)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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