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Clicker charging issues

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Hi all,

we’ve recently adopted a 3 month old German Shorthaired pointer who we are very keen to get trained well. We watched and read a lot about clicker training and decided we would like to go this route. We’ve been working at it twice a day for over a week now and we’re still not getting any sign that the clicker is charged. We click the clicker and Cola doesn’t even notice. During training, We’ve been clicking the clicker as soon as Cola has the kiblble we use in his mouth. Are we doing something wrong?

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Some people believe that 'charging the clicker' is an unnecessary step. At least in some cases, anyway.

It might be easier for you to skip the charging and proceed directly to marking a simple behaviour such as sit, just for example.

So, in application. There are generally two methods which can be used to accomplish a sit. You could LURE your pup into a sit by holding the treat between thumb and forefinger and move it from his nose level to straight over his head and very slightly rearward (a fairly quick and continuous motion is helpful -- don't linger). This should cause the pup to sit. Or, you can CAPTURE a sit, which is when a sit occurs naturally during the course of time.

In either situation, the important part is to click or mark at the exact moment the dog's butt touches the ground .... THEN immediately give the treat, ideally while the dog is still sitting.
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