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Clicker charging issues

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Hi all,

we’ve recently adopted a 3 month old German Shorthaired pointer who we are very keen to get trained well. We watched and read a lot about clicker training and decided we would like to go this route. We’ve been working at it twice a day for over a week now and we’re still not getting any sign that the clicker is charged. We click the clicker and Cola doesn’t even notice. During training, We’ve been clicking the clicker as soon as Cola has the kiblble we use in his mouth. Are we doing something wrong?

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Does the clicker have a mini USB port? It may need to be charged...........

Just teasing..... Yes, you are doing it wrong. Follow Leo's advice. Behavior, click (mark), reward.

You could try getting the dog's attention while sitting on the floor with a treat in hand. Click, if the dog looks toward you, treat. Continue, when this becomes reliable, try with a command for a behavior, any attempt by the dog, treat.......

I began training a whistle call back with my dog in my apartment. I'd blow the whistle, he'd look, treat. Soon, I could whistle, he would come to me, treat. Then I would blow whistle at random times, the dog would be doing his normal, but he would come to me, treat. I started to hide from him, whistle, he'd find me, treat. Then we moved outside, while on leash......I'd start the process again. This took many small steps, but today it is really fantastic. We frequent a large park with an open field for off leash romping. My dog has been out of my site rooting around in some bushes (mini schnauzer thing), whistle, out he comes on a dead run to me, sits, jackpot treat. At this point, the treat is play, vigorous pet or food. He doesn't know what is the treat. I will allow a maximum separation of about 200 meters before I will whistle for call back. He hits at 99+% on call back. Occasionally, I will need to whistle 2X.

I would think you could try this with a clicker and a little adaptation. Remember........ behavior, mark, reward.
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