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Lately Misty's (10 month old Chihuahua) just exploded with clever ideas.. She's now decided that no matter how much we practice the "crate" command, she will only go in if she knows I'm not leaving. It's not an issue with her not liking her crate--she goes in there to sleep or have down time out of her own free will. She'll go into it to sleep at night. She will only go in on command during practice, never when she sees the keys in hand or shoes go on. But, that's not necessarily one of her clever tricks. It's just a very annoying, hahah.

Where her cleverness is REALLY showing through is in the car. She's figured out how to roll the windows down, so whenever I take her with me, I have to lock the windows.

She's figured out that if she steps on the tube of toothpaste (dog toothpaste) while I am distracted with brushing my other dog's teeth, it comes out and she can eat it right out of the tube.

She's now the master of her Kong, both in the sense that she can empty it in no time flat and retrieve it no matter what it's stuck under.

I just love her so much--she's becoming such a "thinking" dog.. Moreso than I'd expected. This puppy is growing up..
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