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Purging my library since we remodeled our home office. If you are interested in any of the books below, PM me.

Hard ~~ The Complete Belgian Tervuren, by American Belgian Tervuren Club
Hard ~~ The New Guide to Junior Showmanship, by Connie Vanacore
Hard ~~ The Complete Puppy & Dog Book, by Norman H Johnson DVM
Hard ~~ Successful Kennel Management, by Mark Taynton
Hard ~~ The Koehler Method of Dog Training, by William R Koehler
Hard ~~ The Koehler Method of Open Obedience, by William R Koehler
Hard ~~ Man's Best Friend, by National Geographic Book of Dogs
Hard ~~ Wolf Walking, by Edwin Daniels
Hard ~~ Dogs - Modern Grooming Techniques, by Hilary Harmar
Hard ~~ The AKC's World of the Pure-Bred Dog, by Duncan Barns and Staff of AKC
Hard ~~ War Against Wolf, by Rich McIntyre
Hard ~~ The Complete Pembroke Welsh Corgi (1989), by Mary Gay Sargent & Deborah Harper
Hard ~~ The Belgian Annual - 1994 (Limited 66 of 400)
Hard ~~ The Belgian Annual - 1995 (Limted 142 of 319)
Soft ~~ The Belgian Annual - 1993 (Limited 39 of 700)
Soft ~~ Wolf Pack, by Sylvia Johnson & Alice Aamodt
Soft ~~ Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, by Canfield, Hansen, Becker & Kline
Soft ~~ How to Raise and Train a Belgian Tervuren, by Edeltraud Laurin
Soft ~~ How to Raise and Train a Belgian Sheepdog, by Frank E Dykema
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