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Clavamox for UTI?

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My dog has been prescribed Clavamox for a recurring UTI problem.....we tried Cephalexin before and the infection came back.

I have never used Clavamox before for a dog, so I am not very familiar with it's typical dosages.

I was instructed to give 750mg 2x day for an 82 pound dog......Does this seem like the correct dose?

I do have a call in to my vet about the dose, and am waiting for a response from her.
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Received a call from my vet's office from another vet who calculated the dose again......Seems 750mg 2x day would be the dose for an 110 lb dog......!!...........She told me my dog should be getting only 500mg twice a day of Clavamox.

Glad I called and checked...!!...........If in doubt about your dog's dosage of any med, be sure to call and double check.

Sometimes vets do make mistakes, they're only human, after all.
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