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Cirneco dell’Etna

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So my family and I just came back home from an amazing vacation at NYC which included going to all the WKC dog activities.

At meet the breeds on Saturday at the piers is where I met 2 Cirnechi and their owners at the booth. They talked about their history in Sicily, and how they were used all over the island for rabbit hunting, and more so in the areas surrounding their active volcano, Mount Etna.

One of the women was holding her Cirneco like a baby on his side while he just slept. I asked her how trainable were they and she replied, while they have a strong instinct to chase like most hounds, they are one of the more easier hound breeds to train because of how affectionate and accepting they are with humans, with a willingness to please. She said they are great with other dogs, and love curling up under the blankets after a long run.

I was just completely head over heels for these dogs after meeting them.

I wondered if anybody has ever seen or met or even heard about this rare breed of sight hound. According to the AKC they are ranked #183 in breed popularity, and 2 of the 3 breeders seem to be in Pennsylvania from their breed club website, so I might be answering my own question asking if anybody's ever met one. :eek:
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I had to google the breed.

Looks like they may be very similar to Pharoah Hounds and Podenco Canarios, so you might find more breeders that way. Southern European rabbit hunting hounds does narrow things down a bit.
I thought they looked like Pharaoh Hounds too, but they're so much smaller!
From what I've read online, their ancestors seem to have originated from ancient Egypt along the Nile river. Prick eared, slender hound type dogs found on coins and pyramid walls thousands of years ago. But then some sites say it may be an entirely Sicilian breed without roots in Egypt. But yes they seem to look a lot like Pharaoh hounds or Ibizan hounds. I love their smaller size!
It's my understanding they are considered a bit more primitive than Ibizan or Pharaoh Hounds.
I've met a few! Went to a rare breed show in CT a few years ago, and one of the meet-and-greet tables had these guys. They were charming as heck, absolutely darling dogs. All wiggles and delighted to meet a bunch of strangers. I also fell a little in love with the breed - they're not one I'm seriously considering at this time, but we'll see in the future.
Yes, I think charming would be a great word to describe these dogs! The more I keep reading online about them, the more I'm just falling in love ugh. They are definitely going to be added to my short list of possible breeds to own in the future.

I love Samwise's name btw.

Thanks for the responses so far everyone :)
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