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I'm mainly looking for advice. I have a litter of Lhasa Apso - Yorkies. And from about two weeks of age we noticed milk coming out of her nose. It progressed to vomiting up (it could be regurgitation - I am not sure - because sometimes she will attempt to go back and eat it) her food after she eats as she got older. However she is still thriving, gaining weight etc (she is not the runt).

I have taken her to the vet three times now. He is not sure what it is. He suggested elongated soft palette, liver shunts, etc. She is on Baytril at the moment (she was running a 102 fever last Sunday and was lethargic, so he suspected she might have pneumonia). However since then she has been fine, other than the chronic vomiting. She sleeps a little more than the other puppies, but she still plays and has the same energy level. She's obviously more tired due to the vomiting...

Anyways just looking for any suggestions as to what it could be? If you have any ideas? Since she is so young, the vet wants to wait for her to mature more before we begin tests. She has an appointment next week and we will go from there.

I do have some one who is willing to take her since she will probably be more along the lines of special needs, depending on what her issues are.

I am feeding her biljack puppy food softened with water and puppy formula (as they haven't started eating crunchies yet). Should I try another food? I read that a raw food can sometimes be good, but I don't know the age at which I can start this. Suggestions?

I am also considering seeing a Hollistic vet in the area.
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