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Before you all tell me I should try to figure out why my dog is sick and seek treatment -I have been doing just that. But while I am waiting to get the ultrasound, mri or whatever else they are going to tell me to do (Already have her on sulfrucrate as I was told she has thin intestinal lining and some other med for low t4 and denamarin for liver and have done fortiflora and biosponge to no avail- pepto works but makes her have tarry stool So discontinued.)

I am looking for something to protect my sofa from her diarrhea and Sometimes pee (she is on diuretic for heart). She will not sleep in her crate or on her dog bed. She only sleeps on a hard floor on a pee pad in her mess or on the couch currently covered in old bed sheets which I have to launder multiple times a day. I am trying to find a material I could just take and hose down and quickly dry with maybe less deep cleanings per week. I feel terrible wasting All this laundry water to do this and of course disposable pee pads are even more of a waste and. It’s a ton as we are going through like an entire box a week. It’s horrible. i am in the middle of getting some rubber mats I can take and hose down outside and put back to help with the kitchen floor which is where she is gated for now.

also, I have diapers but hate using as i fear giving her an infection as I work outside the home and she would be sitting in her filth.

i would appreciate any suggestions Aside from Get her help or put her down. At least until we have tried everything to treat her first and are left with no choice. thanks.
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