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I dont know why, but I was thinking about this, and thought I would share :). So when I first got my jack russell she was only a pup and I had a 15 year old cat (boots) . Now Chloe, being the normal hyper jack russell she is, always tried to play with boots. Now boots hated playing, hated to be bothered, basically an anti-social cat.

Well as chloe got older she learned that boots didnt like her so much :/ and stayed her distance. Well about a year after we had chloe, boots started becoming sick. She started having seizures in her sleep, not eating, not drinking, etc. The day before we had to put boots down, I think chloe knew wat was wrong. Because boots would not walk, Chloe layed by her all day, brought her food to her and just stayed by her side.

I miss Boots a lot :( and I know chloe does too because if I say the name "Boots" she gets happy and starts looking around the house. And, I think it was then that I realized I had a smart, caring dog on my hands :)

Just thought I would share :)
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