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children's probiotic for my dog?

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For some time now Nugget has a perfect morning poop, but the afternoon one is always soft and never well formed. I have tried cutting down his food as well as adding pumpkin to his meals, but it doesnt really make a difference. I have also rotated through different kibbles with no change either.

So, this morning i went out and bought him some probiotic powder, but seeing as he is only 7.5kg (17lbs) i decided to go for the children's powder, it has no added flavours, colours etc. The one i chose is lifespace probiotic powder with 15 different strains, and is recommended for kids between 3-12 years. https://www.lifespaceprobiotics.com...IhAcJ6VcC_ZjAMA0J4RoC-dsQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Would a regular probiotic powder for adults be ok, or would it be too much on his system?
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I used to give my dogs dog-specific probiotics and they did help. You can also try giving him natural yogurt (not the sugar-filled flavoured kind).
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