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children's probiotic for my dog?

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For some time now Nugget has a perfect morning poop, but the afternoon one is always soft and never well formed. I have tried cutting down his food as well as adding pumpkin to his meals, but it doesnt really make a difference. I have also rotated through different kibbles with no change either.

So, this morning i went out and bought him some probiotic powder, but seeing as he is only 7.5kg (17lbs) i decided to go for the children's powder, it has no added flavours, colours etc. The one i chose is lifespace probiotic powder with 15 different strains, and is recommended for kids between 3-12 years. https://www.lifespaceprobiotics.com...IhAcJ6VcC_ZjAMA0J4RoC-dsQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Would a regular probiotic powder for adults be ok, or would it be too much on his system?
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I used to feed my dog human probiotics on the advice of my vet, it’s exactly the same as the stuff marketed towards pets, only cheaper. Just use the weight guides for children on the bottle to dose your pup. :)
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