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Hi everyone!
A little background: I am the proud owner of an adorable 6 1/2 pound chihuahua-corgi mix named Frida. She turned 8 years old last month. Her health has been ok most of her life, nothing too serious, except for she was attacked by another do when she was a puppy. She has always had a sensative stomach; can't do high protein or eggs. Every once in a while she'll get something she's not suppose to have and develop an infection. When this happens I take her to the vet, get antibiotics, have a fecal sample done, then she gets better.

Recently though, it has been on going. With her previous bouts she vomits and has diarhea, and sometimes start bleeding from the straining. This time its different though. She has not been doing both at the same time and it's been mini episodes, like puking one day a week. I took her into the vet last week and they couldn't anything, really. They did blood work and took a stool sample. One liver enzyme was slightly elevated, but they didn't think this was anything to worry about.

On Friday, she developed diarhea, but was otherwise eating, drinking, and playing normally. I have been giving her a little pepto bismol once or twice a day that has helped a little, but not cleared it up. I also have giving her only rice and milk or yogurt. I don't know what to do besides that. Talked with the vet and she said to give another couple days. I really don't have money for another vet visit, but will go if it doesn't clear up. Any tips or ideas would very much appreciated!
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