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Chews for puppies

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At what age could I give my puppy a chew? He is almost 7wks old now and loves to chew on his toys. Is there any reason I can't give him a rawhide chew? Is there something better?
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You could get him a nylabone . Check on the package that it is for the weight it says for him so you dont get him to small of one. The nylabones dont splinter off into little pieces and are good exercisers.
I think you could give him just about any kind of chew under supervision. I gave my puppies greenies at 8 weeks, but I watched every second.
I watched Sassy crack an old formula Greenie and swallow a huge piece. She was quite uncomfortable a couple days later as she passed it whole. Guess I was lucky it went through, the old formula hurt some dogs. Watching might not be enough at least if you are as slow as I was.

Kongs. Good to chew on and if you really need to fun to stuff for a long workout. I search out and buy any natural rubber toy I can rub a bit of peanut butter on or put some food in. Great exercise and fun for the dog.

Usually you need vast numbers of chewies to get just the right one. Sassy enjoyed rope chews, the oldest toy I have is a 10 year old rope from a Costco Christmas dog stocking. Again, don't leave puppy along with it, could chew off a lot of strands and swallow them.

I haven't given them to my dogs but one of the newer things is natural deer antler. They are supposed to soften up when chewed on but not break up. They cost a lot and reportedly some old ones will break up.

Bully sticks are safer than rawhide as they are just dried rather than cured in nasty stuff. I like giving cow ears as they aren't greasy like pig ears. Sassy loves dried beef trachea, I think she likes that her chewing is amplified through the hollow tube! It really breaks up fast and doesn't last long. There is a mixed bag of treats that my dogs like. Lots of tendons, tail tips and ears.

I always bought the largest size chewie I could. It is super cute seeing a dog chewing on something too large and if it is consumable it lasts longer before you have to throw out the too small choking/swallowing hazard. As in I buy 12" bully sticks and toss when they are taken in the mouth at about 4". If I bought 6" bullies the dogs would get 2" before I remove them, 12" they would get 8". For two 6" bullies I would toss out 8" but for that 12" bully I would only toss 4".
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Thanks for the responses. I have 4 toys and a Nylabone in his size. He seems to do well with them. I have had to correct him a few times when I find him chewing something he shouldn't but for the most part, it's been very gratifying that he chews and plays with everything I have bought him. A friend of mine always gave his dog pig ears.. I hesitate to give anything like that till he is a bit larger.
YOu throw bully sticks away! wow. I let my dogs finish them. They dont gulp them down really, They get it down to a small piece and then swallow what they have left. Are you worried they will choke? I couldnt see throwing any part of the bully stick away....
Sassy has swallowed too many things whole that don't get digested. I don't like the dogs swallowed dried up stuff. Just this past year Max got a tummy ache from a cooked turkey gizzard and another time from a bit of cooked chicken gizzard and needed to upchuck both times. Sassy, iron tummied Sassy, got a tummy ache from a raw pig ear and the cartilage came up the way it went down in a couple days. I was bummed, that would have been a good chew for her.
Bully sticks are the greatest! Check out Best Bully Sticks on the web - they have all sorts of natural chews.

I also second the Kong suggestion. Here's a website with some fun recipes - some very easy, some a little complicated. If you freeze the Kong with the contents, it really cuts down on the mess.
Try size-appropriate raw bones... great for dental care.

Nylabones and Kongs are good, as are deer antlers.
Gonna go get him a Kong today. I will try the regular treat and might put some peanutbutter or something else in. Somebody at the dog part told me empty a water bottle and put some food in it and then let the dog try and figure out how to get the food out. I may try that too.
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