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She simply has no concept whatsoever of "appropriate chew" and "inappropriate chew". None. I would be strictly supervising her at all times, and when you can't, she must be crated. When you see her chewing something she shouldn't immediately redirect to an appropriate toy and praise her for using it. Pick everything up in your house. Rugs, shoes, kid's toys, anything that she might decide she should chew. You can try the bitter apple spray on some items, but sometimes the dog is simply not phased by it. A better option might be baby gating off certain areas, or even putting an ex-pen around furniture she repeatedly wants to chew.

You might also try feeding her part of her meal in stuff-able chew toys. This might help encourage her to turn to rubber toys and such for chewing because she has a history of being rewarded by them. I've always liked KONGS, and some nylabones have holes where you can smear peanut butter or stick treats.

Prevention and management will be key here. Preventing her from chewing on your house and only making appropriate chews available will go a long way.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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